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Dogs love peanut 🥜 butter and we love dogs! La Barkeria CBD infused peanut combines dogs love for peanut butter with the benefits of organically grown hemp-derived CBD flowers (no stems, stalks, leaves or seeds - making a higher quality CBD oil) leaving your pooch with the best. Handcrafted with three simple ingredients: Peanuts 🥜 MCT 🥥 Oil + Full-Spectrum Lab-Tested 🌱 CBD.

Peanut Butter

PriceFrom $15.00
  • Dogs go nuts for peanut butter; so it is the ideal way to introduce picky pups or senior dogs to the benefits of hemp-derived CBD. Whether you treat your dog daily or offer it up as a special snack; CBD infused peanut butter will offer you and your dog the benefits of CBD without the fight. They will enjoy the taste while you enjoy the benefits of a less stress + pain free pooch. Available in 2 options:

    1. 150 MG (2oz) Jar which includes 12 tsp of peanut butter with 12.5 MG of CBD per tsp
    2. 300 MG (4oz) Jar which includes 24 tsp of peanut butter with 12.5 MG of CBD per tsp