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Low Energy Dog Breeds

Walks with Fido sounds like a fun Saturday afternoon; but it is hard to beat a Sunday snooze on the beach. The following laid back pups take relaxation to the next level. Meaning that they are perfectly content with a few walks and lots of marathon streaming time.

Low energy dog breeds for busy families 👪
  1. Bulldogs: These family-friendly dogs fit the snoozing stereotype to the button. Most bulldogs love nothing more than a good nap; but don't let their tendencies rub off on you. All dogs (like humans) require regular exercise to stay healthy. Whether it's a daily walk or vigorous playtime; they need their human to motivate movement.

  2. Saint Bernard: These dogs are best known for their alpine rescues; but these days you are more likely to see them in the suburbs. Their calm patient nature make them great nanny dogs for families with young kids.

  3. Basset Hounds: With their stubby legs, floppy ears and wrinkled brows; Basset Hounds are one of the most recognizable breeds. When they are not hunting, these skilled scent Hounds love to cuddle up with their human for a good book or movie.

  4. French Bulldogs: There's good reason why French Bulldogs are the dog of choice for apartment dwellers. They rarely bark, hardly shed and enjoy a brisk walk around the block for exercise.

  5. Pekingese: Underneath all that fur is a pint sized pup that is perfectly content without a yard. These little lap dogs originally resided in Chinese Palaces; however, today they're content to be Queens and Kings of their flats.

  6. Bernese Mountain Dog: While Bernese are technically a working dog according to the American Kennel Club; they are surprisingly low 🔑 key companions. These giant fluff balls enjoy relaxing indoors or outdoors; as long as they are with their pack.

  7. Chow Chow: Don't mistake their giant scowls for bad attitudes. Even though they have a reputation as a stubborn breed that is somewhat suspicious of strangers; they're devoted to their families. Their reserved and quiet nature earns them frequent comparisons to cats.

  8. Pug: Anyone who has had the pleasure of being around a Pug knows that there's a lot of personality packed into thus pint sized pup. These leisurely dogs are rumored to share ancestry with the Pekingese.

  9. Tibetan Mastiff: This Himalayan Guardian is know to lounge inside. However, outdoors they're active and independent dogs. Experts suggest exercising these giants in a confined area as they're notorious for not coming when called.

  10. Havanese Havanese love spending time ⏲️ with their families. With their upbeat personalities and small stature equals an energetic cutie that doesn't require a lot of excessive physical activities.

  11. Great Dane: You may look forward to walking this statuesque canine; but unlike other giant breeds, the Great Dane makes friends easily (with humans and dogs). Great Danes are patient with humans of all sizes (especially the kiddos).

  12. Newfoundland: Weighing similar to their human counterparts; this big body needs room and regular romps. These gentile giants are sweet and docile by nature. The best exercise for this big breed is water; as they're natural swimmers.

  13. Shih Tzu: These tiny pooches have been friendly apartment pets for hundreds of years. It's no surprise that they are low maintenance (other than their grooming requirements). It's no surprise that many Shih Tzu owners will opt for shorter hair cuts year-round.

This blog is for entertainment purposes only; and is not intended as a guide for selecting (or not choosing) a particular breed. Please take our opinions, our advice, our thoughts and our chili with a grain of 🧂salt.

For more information on dog breeds and which may be the best for your family; talk to your veterinarian or local dog trainers.


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