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Does CBD Help Itchiness?

It's natural for pets to scratch, bite or lick to aleaveate the occasional itch or irration. After all, itchiness happens. However, if this behavior has increased in frequency or intensity; then it's time to comfort your canine.

Can CBD help soothe my itchy dog?

Unfortunately, it's a common issues; especially for certain breeds and particularly here in 🇨🇱 Texas. And woefully, there's a wide range of reasons your dog could be keeping you up all night.

No matter the reason, CBD may help relieve the itch. Below we will explore the potential causes for the uncomfort and the ways CBD may help soothe your canine companion.

Canine allergy supplement by La Barkeria, made with quercetin (antihistamine) and CBD Isolate (anti-inflammatory)

Skin issues are common in dogs; especially breeds like boxers, pugs, bulldogs and Dalmatians. Skin irrations are more likely to affect your pets during the warmer months; when seasonal allergies and bug bites are more common.

No matter the time of year, irrations can hinder your pets quality of life. Even minor symptoms such as scratches, rashes and bald spots; could point to an underlying health condition that could cause issues for your canine if left untreated by a veterinarian.

CAUSES OF ITCHINESS: It is always best to make an appointment with your pet’s veterinarian when you observe them scratching, rashes or irrations. Below are some of the most common causes of skin discomfort in dogs.

  1. Seasonal Allergies. Just like in humans, dogs can be affected by allergy season. Especially in the spring and summer when plants are in bloom, and dust and pollen are in the air. Symptoms of seasonal allergies are puffy watery eyes, red stinky ears, head shaking, upset stomach, runny noses and sneezing.

  2. Food Allergies. Eating certain foods may trigger hives, rashes or other skin conditions. Be alert to any issues that may have resulted from a change in food or treats. Speak to your vet about the best brands of food for your dog if your pet has multiple food sensitivities or has a frequently upset stomach.

  3. Rashes. Rashes are common on young dogs and puppies. But, what can be causing them? Dogs spend so much time on the ground; it's easy for them to experience sensitivities to grass, plants or even cleaning supplies. However, histamine rashes can also be a sign of a more sever reaction. Therefore, it is highly suggested for you to make an appointment with your dog’s regular veterinarian.

  4. Dermatitis. Canine atopic dermatitis or skin inflammation often develops from an allergic reaction. For example, some vaccinations may cause your dog's skin to become swollen and itchy (a.k.a. dermatitis). In most cases, the issue clears up in a few days. However, a conversation with your veterinarian is highly recommended.

  5. Parasites. External parasites (like fleas, ticks, lines and mites) can bite your dog; thus causing itching and irration. Generally because your dog is allergic to the saliva of the parasite. Parasites can cause hair loss or worse (especially ticks as they carry Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and more). If you suspect a parasite, contact your veterinarian for treatment options.


WHAT IS CBD? CBD or Cannabidiol derives naturally from hemp plants. CBD offers dogs and humans a wide range of health benefits. It can help reduce skin irrations and itchiness whether related to seasonal allergies, rashes or dermatitis. But, how does it help my dog?

CBD IS A NATURAL ANTI-INFLAMMATORY: Studies indicate that CBD treats painful skin irrations. It alleviates swelling, reduces inflammation and calms itchiness. Pets tend to scratch irritated skin making it more inflamed; leading to the cycle of pain and discomfort that can be hard to treat long-term. CBD can battle the inflammation while soothing the soreness; thus ending the cycle of discomfort experienced by our canine counterparts. Additionally, when used consistently, CBD can effectively reduce skin irrations and repair the body’s natural defense.

CBD FOR PAIN & DISCOMFORT: CBD can also provide pain relief benefits to dogs and their humans. Because of this, we treat our senior dog with CBD treats for his arthritis. It can also aid the treatment of other medical conditions that hinder your furbabies quality of life.

CBD FOR ANXIETY: Not only can CBD help with pain and inflammation related to irritated skin; it may help with stress and anxiety resulting for constant itchiness. Obviously, constant pain and irration can lead to stress; which can cause your pet to scratch even when they are not itchy. This can lead your dog to create another outbreak that is not real. Once again, CBD can help breakdown the stress felt by the dog and prevent their need to scratch.


WHAT CBD PRODUCTS ARE BEST FOR ITCHINESS? There's a massive selection of CBD available online and in stores for pets. Thankfully at La Barkeria, we have dog health and wellness experts ready to provide long term assistance with high quality lab tested CBD products. If you are looking for help combating itchy irrated skin; we recommend starting with our Canine Allergy Supplement. It contains Quercetin (a naturally-occurring antihistamine) and CBD Isolate (an anti-inflammatory treatment for itchy irrated skin). La Barkeria's Allergy Supplement can be purchased online for $15 (for 30 capsules); or subscribe for monthly autoshipments to save 10% off each month.

WHAT OTHER CBD PRODUCTS HELP WITH ITCHING? When it comes to itch relieve; you don't have to stop with just our Canine Allergy Supplement. La Barkeria offers a wide range of doglicious CBD treats and full spectrum CBD Pet Tinctures that can aid itchy irrated skin. Explore our online shop today or visit us at a local market for more information.

How much CBD do I give my dog?

Sifting through all the different brands of CBD on the market can be challenging for pet parents. Thankfully, La Barkeria is here to help make it easier. We source high quality organically grown CBD. Our CBD is priced below market value to ensure your pets have access to superior CBD products. Whether you purchase from us or someone else, we are here as a resource to help your pets. Contact Jason our science lieasion at (609) 271-0829


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