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Administering CBD Oil to Dogs

Updated: Mar 3

CBD is an organic compound found naturally in the cannabis sativa plant species. Its popularity has skyrocketed over the last five years due to its medicinal usage. Most of us are aware of its benefits for humans; but are you aware that CBD can also be helpful for your

canine companion? Dogs have an endocannabinoid system like humans. The endocannabinoid system maintains and regulates sleep, mood, pain, appetite, immune system, memory, pleasure sensation, motor control and body temperature. CBD acts on the endocannabinoid system to help with anxiety, pain, seizures and so much more.

If you want to give your pets CBD, read on for the best ways to administer. There are several methods for giving CBD; however, you have to find the way that works best for you and your pet.


This is considered the best way by many professionals; as you ensure that your dog is given the same amount every time. The amount of CBD that you give to your dog is based on the dog's condition, breed, weight and age.

Draw the desired amount of CBD Oil into the dropper; then carefully position in the back of your pet's mouth. Slowly squeeze the oil into your dog's mouth - be careful not to gag your pup (this will cause product loss). Afterwards, give your dog a treat to ensure all oil was swallowed and to create a positive experience for your pooch.


This is my favorite way of administering CBD to my pack. Make sure to use foods that your dog enjoys; I recommend using a small quantity to ensure that your pup ingested it at one time. I prefer to use organic pumpkin; however, you can also use peanut butter or plain yogurt. Mix the recommended dose with a small amount of food.

Ensure that you quality treats. Avoid peanut butter made with xylitol because this type of sweetener can have serious side effects for our pets.

Some people will suggest adding CBD Oil into your dog's food and/or water; however, this is not something that I recommend for a couple of reasons:

  1. If your dog doesn't finish their food; then their daily dose will vary and you will see inconsistent results.

  2. If there are multiple dogs in the home; they may get into each other's food. Then you may give CBD to a pet you do not want to and the dog you want to give the CBD to may not get their full dose; thus, leading to inconsistent results.

  3. Finally, taking CBD with a full meal may delay the onset and you may not see the desired results.


Yes! You can easily add CBD Oil to your dog's favorite treat. Since treats are generally rewards for good behavior; this is the perfect way to have your dog associate CBD with a positive event. Most dog treats are in the form of a cookies or biscuits; and their dry nature makes them perfect for absorbing CBD Oil. Select your dog's favorite treat; and add the suggested amount of CBD to the biscuit. Allow the CBD to absorb into the biscuit for 30-60 seconds before administering to your pooch. If that is too much work, check out our line of CBD Treats and CBD Soft Chews.


Regardless of how you give CBD to your dog; it is important to consider how much to give your canine companion. The FDA does not regulate the selling or manufacturing of CBD; which means that there is no universal dose recommendations.

So, how do you determine how much CBD to give to your dog? The crucial factors that help determine the right dosage includes: Age, Sex, Weight and Severity of Medical Issues.

When figuring up the starting dose for your dog; most people start with their dog's weight. On average, the suggested starting dose for your average dog is 1mg/10lbs = 5mg of CBD for a 50 pound dog. The chart suggests administering twice per day; however, I recommend starting at once per day and increasing to twice per day if necessary after 5 days of use.


CBD can be highly effective in treating different health conditions in dogs without the negative side effects of big pharma; and that is the reason many pet people are turning to it. Note the efficacy of CBD varies depending on the canine's medical condition, severity and mode of delivery. Although, the effects of oral administration may take a few hours, it's generally the best form. With that in mind, your dog will experience prolonged benefits from regular usage.

For more information, contact your medical professional or email us at info@labarkeria.dog.

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