La Barkeria is happy to introduce our HOLISTIC HOUND CANNABINOID (CBD) Dog Treats in four flavors. Available in 10-mg strength for the "large" canine companions. La Barkeria is a staunch supporter of CBD and its use in canine health. Whether your pooch is dealing with anxiety, seizures or pain; CBD has a place in your home and in your dog's routine. No psychotropic impact and limited to non-toxic concerns; a natural alternative to BIG Pharma. Sold in 6-ounce packages. Dosage is configured on a 2-inch (medium) dog treat. Our CBD Oil Extract is manufactured in Colorado. Please contact us directly for the chemical profile or more information about the brand of CBD Extract used in our products. 


10-mg CBD Treat means that your dog is receiving 10-mg of CBD in each treat. The average bag will have 30 treats, so if your are treating one per day, then it should last approximately one month for the average 80-120 pound dog. Suggested dosage is 1-mg per 10-pounds of body weight. For general wellness, we recommend starting with a schedule of dosing 4 times per week (for example, give your dog a treat on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday). This allows to increase in needed to achieve the desired result. 


For dogs with chronic health issues, such as arthritis, hip dysplasia, pain, etc... we recommend injusting the treat 7 days a week, in the morning before the dog eats breakfast. The CBD will absorb faster on an empty stomach. If your dog needs to increase, then you can treat in the morning and in the evening before dinner. 


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  • Dog Treats should not exceed 10% of your dog's daily diet; and should not be used as a replacement for a balanced diet.  For the safety of your canines, please observe them consuming dog treats and have plenty of water available.


    La Barkeria dehydrates pet treats to naturally preserve freshness; store treats in a cool dry location in an airtight package to ensure quality for up to eight-weeks.