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Signs of a Happy Dog

Updated: 3 days ago

Not so long ago, scientists didn't believe animals had thoughts or feelings to study. Attitudes have changed. There's been an uptick in research into how dogs think, feel and learn. This results allow us to better understand dogs needs and motivations; lending to happier (less stressed) dogs!

10 easy ways to measure your dog's happiness according to a board certified pet behaviorist

So, how do we know if our dog is happy? According to Dr. Radosta, DVM, there're are ten easy ways to see if your dog is jovial.

Signs of a happy dog according to a board certified pet behaviorist
  1. Tail Wags: Fido wags their tail with a big butt-wiggling, body-smacking wag at least once a day.

  2. Appetite: Healthy, happy dogs have healthy appetites. If your dog eats too little; it could be a sign that they feel poorly (sick) or they aren't happy.

  3. Tail Position: The tail should be level with their back or just above it. A tail that is too high indicates tension and a tail that is too low or tucked points to fear.