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If you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth, you know that majority of families have at least one dog. Dogs are wonderful companions, excellent exercise buddies and perfect conversation starters. However, you may have also noticed that there is not a shortage of animal shelters with dogs looking for forever homes. When you decide to adopt a dog, you are not just rescuing a dog from a shelter, you are also giving a dog a family to love.


At La Barkeria, we work to give back to our canine community via partnerships with dog rescues and shelters across the country. We work to make a difference in the lives of our furry friends; which includes finding them the right forever home. Check out the adoption centers in Dallas-Fort Worth list below to find your next canine companion. (Please note that some shelters utilize foster families to host their dogs; please contact them ahead to schedule time to met dogs. In addition, shelter operations are subject to change due to COVID-19; we strongly recommend verifying current policies before visiting local shelters.)


  • Take time to make the decision. It's easy to get lost in the moment when you see a cute puppy at the local pet store or a rescue event. As crazy as it sounds, adopting a dog is a big decision that involves a lot of time and work. It is in the best interest of the dog and the human, that the right person adopts that dog. Do you research into the breed. Ask questions about the dog's history. Take inventory of the dog's personality. In the long term, you will be happy you took the time to make the right decision. Once you go ahead with the adoption, you can help your new canine companion adjust to their new home with La Barkeria's CBD Dog Treats.

  • Make sure your wallet is big enough for a dog. Budget for vet bills, emergencies, dog food, grooming, toys, treats, and other accessories (all these items add up fast). We adopted our dog (Artemis) for $25 from Denton Animal Shelter (a discounted Holiday Adoption Event); and within a couple of months; we had $2000 in vet bills. Artemis had an intussusception. Unfortunately with rescues, we do not always know their story, but we have to be prepared for what life throws our way.

  • Do you have time for a dog? Dogs require a lot of time. If you travel for work or spend majority of your time away from home; a dog may not be the best furry friend for you. Keep in mind, that if you do not give your canine companion enough exercise and attention; they may act out, including tearing up your apartment, house and/or yard, or even cause harm to themselves. Fortunately, La Barkeria CBD Dog Treats can help with anxious dogs; however, they are not a substitute for exercise and quality time with your pooch.


There is a reason we consider dog's to be man/woman's best friend. They are loyal, loving and there for you through the ups & downs of life. Unfortunately, there are a lot of dogs that have been neglected and abused. Thankfully, there are numerous animal shelters and rescue that work tirelessly to give dogs a second chance. If you are interested in adopting a dog, visit one of these shelters. Set time aside to talk to the staff about your lifestyle, so they can help set you up with the right dog for you and your family.

Be mindful that moving into a new home with a new family can cause stressful for some dogs. CBD Dog Treats from La Barkeria may help your new canine companion with this transition, so you can focus on bonding with your new family member.

There are a lot of great dogs (including pure breeds) sitting in shelters. Adopt a dog today and give them a second chance at a forever family. And pick up some CBD Treats from La Barkeria to help with the transition.

ADDENDUM: There are hundreds of public and private shelters and rescue groups in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. If there is a shelter or non-profit rescue excluded from this list; OR if there is a group included that has since closed, please contact info@labarkeria.dog to suggest corrections - please include their contact information.