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DIY Dog Halloween Costumes

Halloween costumes for dogs are available everywhere from Walmart to Amazon to Spirit Halloween (the Seasonal Halloween Store).

But there's satisfaction in creating a unique costume for your pet. With the following ideas, you can have fun crafting your canine's costumes and can amend it to make it your unique creation.

Most of the costumes listed can be made last minute with supplies found at home or at your local dollar store. We have also included links to purchase similar costumes online (in case handcrafting isn't your forte).

If you have made the decision to craft your costumes, keep safety in mind and celebrate the spooky season safety with your fur family.

  1. Make sure the costume is not too heavy and doesn't limit movement

  2. Take off the costume immediately if it causes any anxiety or distress

  3. Be mindful of choking hazards for your pet and their pet friends

  4. Never leave your pet alone in costume


If your dog has to wear a cone or you have a cone at home; incorporate it into the costume. This DIY costume will turn the cone of shame into a costume of fame. Create olives by adding red felt circles into green floral foam balls. Then, stick them onto a light weight wooden dowel or kabob sticks. Safely balance it in your dogs cone for an iconic Instagram 📸 photo.

Purchase the Martini Costume 🫒at for $15.


Ghost costumes are a classic for dogs and kids for a reason; they're quick, easy and inexpensive to throw together at the last minute. Cut a few holes in a classic white sheet for your dog's eyes and snout. If you are going to wear the costume out (and not just for pictures); cut the bottom of the sheet so your dog can walk freely with any trip hazards.


This iconic building toy is sure to be a favorite at any block party. Simply cut 8 equal distance wholes into a shoe box (or amazon box for big dogs); then glue plastic cups in the wholes to make the Lego shape. Select your favorite primary color and paint the box. Finally, attach the Lego to your dog's harness.


Just like the 1990s stuff toy, your pup is priceless. Turn your pet into an adorable Beanie Baby with an oversized red tag attached to their collar. Creating one is easy and inexpensive; cut a piece of cardboard or poster board into a heart. Then, paint the iconic TY tag to complete the look.

Not feeling crafty? Buy it at Amazon.

Business 👔 Person

This costume requires minimal work. Cut the collar and cuffs on an old collared shirt (make sure to keep the top button on the shirt). Adjust to fix your dog. Select a tie; make sure to tie it short enough that it doesn't effect your dog’s mobility.

Purchase a white collar with black tie for your next black tie event or wedding.

Harry Pawtter 🪄

Whether your a potterhead or just a casual fan; you will appreciate how fast your can put toget this costume. Purchase round wizard glasses or make them out of black pipe cleaners; for extra pizzazz add a yellow lightening bolt to resemble Harry's scar. Add on Harry's maroon and yellow scarf to complete the outfit.

Purchase the Harry Potter Wizard costume comes with a cape, tie and glasses.


Straight out of a Fruit of the Loom commercial, attach purple or green balloons to a doggie shirt. Complete the look with a few green leaves made from green felt. While this is darling, grapes are toxic to dogs, so stick to traditional dog treats for Halloween.


Turn Fido into a spooky spider with giant chenille pipe cleaners. Cut into eight equal pieces and attach to your dog's harness.

You can also buy a scary spider costume online for your pooch.


Seasonal allergies or a sad movie, we all need our dog and a box of tissues. Small dogs can sport this costume by attaching an actual box of tissues to their harness. For large dogs, decorate a cardboard box and add tissue paper for the full effect.


Besides your dog, Jake is the only person your partner should talk to in the middle of the night. This Halloween dress your dog in a red polo and khaki pants with a State Farm Jake Name Tag.


This year, Halloween was on a Monday; which lead to a lot of football themed costumes. If you are dressing up as your favorite player; why not match your dog. All you need is a brown shirt and white tape to make your dog into a football (and if your dog is brown - you just need medical tape or pet safe paint) to replicate the football laces.

You can also purchase a football costume for your pooch.


Pump up the volume with this DIY costume. Create this bathtime look by bunching up tulle and attaching it to a matching shirt. Add a short loop of white rope and a rubber duck to complete this suddly outfit.

You can also purchase a pre-made loofah costume for your dog.


Make your dog the cutest puppuccino at the party. First, print a Starbucks logo and glue it to a piece of cardboard (if your dog is small enough - you may be able to use the real thing). Second, draw on your favoite drink recipe. Lastly, treat yourself to a warm pumpkin latte and save the lid to top off your pup's costume.

Would you rather buy a latte? Enjoy this coffee themed costume.


Transform your pet into a blooming sunflower this Halloween. Measure a strip of brown or green felt to fix snugly around your pet’s head. Then, glue yellow petals to the strip; layering to create the classic sunflower look for your pet. Finally, add a few green leaves 🍃 and a green shirt to complete the outfit.

Buy a flower costume for your dog to save time.


Have a spooky Halloween with your bat-dog. To create this classic costume; cut wings to fit your dog out of black poster board and add detail with a metallic marker. Then, attach the wings to your dog via their collar and/or harness.

Crafts have you running scared? Buy a bat costume for your pet.

No matter what you decide to dress your canine companion up as this 👻Halloween; make sure they're calm, comfortable, and conscientious of others costumes. Have a Happy Halloween 🎃 !

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