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Canine Weight Management

Updated: Oct 5

According to recent veterinary surveys, over half of dogs in the USA are overweight. That means each of these dogs are at risk of developing crippling arthritis, debilitating diabetes, catastrophic kidney & heart disease, high blood pressure and several forms of cancer. How can you slim down your plus sized pooch and reduce their risk of developing serious illnesses? Try these seven tips from veterinarian experts and canine nutritionists; along with the assistance of your veterinarian.

According to veterinarian surveys; 50% of dogs are overweight in the USA.


If you don't know how many calories your dog needs, you don't know how much to feed them each day. Dog food bags' guidelines are based on adult (not spayed or neutered) active canines. That means if you have an older (spayed or neutered) indoor lap dog, you are probably over feeding them by 20-30% by following the dog food directions. Instead, ask your dog's veterinarian at their annual exam to calculate a proper daily caloric count for your canine.

In the meantime, this formula from Dr. Ernie Ward, DVM can be a good starting point: Divide your dog's weight by 2.2 ➡️ multiple this number by 30 ➡️ add 70. This will give you a general idea of how many calories to feed a typical inactive, indoor and neutered/spayed dog that weighs between 6 to 60 pounds. Of course, each dog's metabolism is different and you should consult your dog's doctor before starting a diet or making dietary changes.