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Adventurous Retrievers

Retrievers are highly intelligent, active, and loyal dogs; and make amazing adventure buddies and beloved family members.

Retrievers are a lovable companions. In fact, Golden and Labrador Retrievers are amongst the most popular breeds in the world—and for good reason. These natural helpers are eager to please their humans and are generally easy to train.

But did you know there are more than just the Golden and Labrador Retriever? Below are six various breeds from the Retriever family that carry the same traits of Retrievers.


are hard-working dogs; who enjoy a good challenge and the ability ability to learn quickly. Retrievers are easy to train, love to play and want to obey. These characteristics make them incredibly companions, fantastic family dogs, and superior service dogs.

"Retrievers are a popular group of dogs that are exceptionally smart, energetic, and great with people," according to George Melillo, VMD. "They fall into the sporting dog group, as they originally were bred as hunting dogs to help retrieve game. In doing so, it was important for the retriever to run through terrain and water to gently pick up the hunted animal and return it intact to the hunter. This required a certain athleticism and the ability to learn quickly and partner with their handler, all of which have been bred into them over time."


While all Retrievers share the passion for work and play; they each have their own set of unique characteristics.

  1. LABRADOR RETRIEVER: The Labrador has been voted the most popular dog in the USA for almost 30 years. "[Labs] originated from Northeast Canada where they worked with fishermen to haul in nets and their catch," Melillo says. "They love the water, are athletic, intelligent, and eager to please." Labrador Retrievers come in three colors (yellow, black & chocolate); however, there're variations to these options.

  2. CHESAPEAKE BAY RETRIEVER: This is an adaptable breed that loves to work with their mind and body. Chesapeakes are the only American bred Retrievers. They excel at any physical task. Legend says they are capable to retrieving 300 ducks in a single day. "Chesapeake Bay retrievers arose from working dogs [Sailor and Canton] who were ship-wrecked off the coast of Maryland," Melillo says. "These dogs interbred, and the results are what we now know as Chesapeake Bay retrievers."

  3. GOLDEN RETRIEVER: Originally from the Scottish Highlands, these dogs were bred to be the perfect gun dog. They strive with daily exercise and mental stimulation. There're three subtypes of Goldens: American Golden Retrievers, Canadian Golden Retrievers and English Golden Retrievers. The American Goldens have sleek builds with feathery coats. The Canadian Goldens are usually taller and leaner; and darker in color. And the English Goldens are broader and heavier; with a lighter coat color.

  4. NOVA SCOTIA DUCK TOLLING RETRIEVER: Also called the Toller; they're the smallest of the Retriever family. "Tollers originated in Nova Scotia where hunters bred and trained them to play near and in the water to attract curious waterfowl," Melillo says. Tollers are successful when they can put their intelligence and agility to use.

  5. FLAT-COATED RETRIEVER: Bred in England in the mid-1800s, the flat-coated retriever accompanied the English high society and became known as the "gamekeeper's dog." Smart and happy; these dogs love burning energy outdoors. Flat-coated retrievers are outgoing, loyal, and sweet. No matter their age, they have a never-ending thirst for adventure.

  6. CURLY-COATED RETRIEVER: The curly-coated retriever is another breed known for there ability to work and play all day. To say the curly-coated retriever is an active dog breed may be a massive understatement. The Curly-coated retrievers were bred for upland bird and waterfowl hunting and according to the AKC, were likely the first breed used for serious retrieving work in England - making them one of the oldest retriever breeds.Thanks to their tightly curled, water-resistant coats, these determined canines can retrieve in harsher conditions, including cold water. Much like flat-coated retrievers, they are athletic, intelligent, youthful, and affectionate.

This list is for entertainment purposes only and is not a comprehensive list of traits about each breed. For more information, link to the AKC website or contact your local trainer or breeder.


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